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A Collaborative Forest Fire Fighting Simulation Tool

Part IV : ACTION ...

Well, if you've been bored by previous chapters, this one has got more pictures ...


DIREX screen

Direx sets exercice up

leaving barracks

A fire's been signalled, vehicules leaving quartering barraks

Heading to fire

Heading to fire

Heading to Fire 2

Heading to fire

Heading to Fire 3

Heading to fire

Heading to Fire 4

Still l ooking for fire ...

Found the fire !

Facing Fire

Facing fire

Action 1

Ground action started


Local Head Quarters up and running

Fire Plane on the go

Fire Plane on it's way

A bombing

A Bombing


Got it

Bombing 2

A Bombing


Bombing done

Bombing's done



A trakker bombing

Trakker bombing

A trakker bombing

lost in smoke

A bit lost in smoke

Bad posture

Bad move ..., no room for U Turn cars and trucks , ... What do we do ?

sunset smoke

Smoke at sunset

Nite fight

Fighting at night

Bombardier Canadair CL415 back from work

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