Exploration Tools


3D needs special tools to keep it's positionning, heading, tilt, etc ... accurate.

3D data exploration needs special tools like telemetry, slope point and click estimation ...

3D realism seeking needs special parameters like light (hour of day) setting, fog conditions, etc ...

We developped those 3D exploration tools.

Most of these tools are used and display information thru HUDs (Head Up Displays). an example of such a tool is presented here.

HUD for navigation/simulation example. This transparent panel stays in front of the user.

The user may move and re dimension all or part of the HUD. It contains :

  • a 2D overview (with zoom and Pan)
  • location / heading of the user(s) and mobiles
  • the path of the user
  • a simulation VCR style control
  • navigation parameters settings/display
  • analogic and numeric display of measures and parameters.
  • flight parameters recording
  • a virtual keyboard for in-simulation data entry/modification and parameters setting
  • atmospheric conditions settings
  • user defined push buttons
  • etc ...