Operational applications

Crises management or distant mission control, the need of real time perception of complex situations is a must for a rapid and appropriate decision .

A 3D tool is can be designed to answer operational needs. The embedded functionality can't resume to 3D viewing only, but must implement specific functionality, carefully designed 'operational oriented objects and tools'.

A 3D information system enables to visualize and exploit the information in real time, while maintaining different representations and functionalities for different users, so that a team scale representation of a situation can be created. Tightly net bound client applications enable information sharing, diffusion, and even multi user immersion. The gathering of data (logistics, tactical, in field distant measures, GPS, ... ) can be achieved thru any net-able data providing server.

This is an example of a pilot/control application tracking the position of terrestrial and airborne tactic and logistic resources.

This application :

• gathers and display the informations

• gives an optimal readability of the tactical situation

• provides multi user communication

• is able to record information for use as a debriefing / reconstitution support, or rehearsal / training tool.


Unmaned distant vehicule supervision.