ColorLUT : A color Scheme management tool

  • Performs polygon colorization as does a thematic analysis, but on the target table itself (rather than on a thematic layer)
  • Uses linear / constant / exponential / logarithmic color gradients(and more)
  • Saves and manages your color schemes
  • Smart color picker enables to define a color by picking on screen (allows pick on raster or map)
  • ColorLUT is the first component of a dedicated tool aimed at height fields manipulation and visualisation for use with MapInfo and VRML

    For MapInfo 6 and up only

    Patch for MI4 users : replace colorize.mbx with colV4.mbx

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TopoCheck : A Topology validation and correction tool. It performs complexity reduction too.

    • Duplicate points
    • Complexity reduction for polylines and polygons
    • Point colinearity for lines, polylines and regions
    • Spikes for polylines and regions
    • Retracings for polygons or polylines
    • Bowties (self crossing polygons or polylines)
    • Complex bowties (bowties with shared node)
    • Overlaps of polygons
    • Gaps (slivers)

    For MI 6 : TopoCheckV6

    For MI 4.0 and up : TopoCheckV4

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VRML Tools :

NEW Version 2000/NT Friendly !

Oh_Joy2.0 : VRML Joystick Interface. Bind a proto to an object or viewpoint in your scene, affect the buttons and axis behaviors (takes all butttons on your joystick), et voila ... Enables the use of more than one joystick (fuul version).... Enables to control more than one scene at a time ... Network friendly -> you may control models running on other machines. ... Kinda low end no hassle multi user Joystick component ! ... oh joy

Well, it's a 2Meg download, cause we put plenty of nice things in it. The witch is reusable in your own models (instructions included) so you can fly your worlds. Open 'Users Instructions' after installation (sorry, for Windows addicts only). Feel free to customize, and send us your realisations. Have Fun.

Play with Carabos for Halloween !

More to come .....



Needs Cortona viewer

Download Oh_joy1.0 and his sample scenery, SorceryLand


To come.

GridWeaver : 2D/3D data analysis.

Create DEMs from scattered points, or imports, create raster from elevation data analysis (height contours, slope, exposure) using smart colorization tool, import and tweak rasters for draping (raster arithmetic operations (add, subtract, merge, etc ...), raster edition (color depth, brightness, contrast, editable filters like ranking, shading, smoothing etc ..., raster slicing merging and tiling on your data, etc ...) and export full resolution raster and 3D VRML format.



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